About dne pharma

dne pharma has a history stretching back to 1900 and today we are one of the Nordic leaders in addiction medicine. We have extensive experience and expertise in this type of therapy and have exciting new products in the pipeline. In addition to our core business, we also work with pain management solutions and skin treatment therapies.

Our history

The history of dne pharma stretches back to 2 February 1900, when the Norwegian Ether Factory (DnE) was founded. Originally, the factory was established to produce ether for the Norwegian market at a time when there were no other suppliers.

Mission statement

The mission of dne pharma is to increase the share value of Farma Investment by being a preferred supplier of medicinal products and other quality products sold at pharmacies and hospitals. dne pharma is committed to develop, operate and maintain an effective Quality System, which complies with GDP and other legal requirements.


dne pharma is a part of Farma Investment and a sister company to Sanivo Pharma.